7 settembre 2017

How to use in dash navigation?

in dash navigation
At its core, the car navigation system is a personal computer with all its attributes: motherboard, central processor, RAM, permanent memory, hard drive, input and output devices, drives for connecting external data sources.

A feature of the car navigation device is the availability of a navigation processor (GPS receiver chipset). In a number of navigator designs, the navigation processor is integrated with the central processor. In addition to these elements, the GPRS module, Bluetooth, radio receiver and other components can be included in the car navigation system.
Over the past few years, a car navigator from an expensive toy has turned into a reliable assistant driver.

The car navigation system is designed to determine the position of the vehicle, select and maintain the route of movement. You can buy best in dash navigation for low price right here. The first car navigator was introduced in 1981 by Alpine.
There are several types of car navigation systems: regular, mobile, as well as navigation software for laptops and smartphones. The listed types of navigation systems have their advantages and disadvantages. They differ in design, function, price.

The standard navigation system is installed at the car manufacturer and, as a rule, is part of the multimedia system. Compatible navigation systems of other manufacturers can be installed in a regular place.

The mobile navigation system is a portable stand-alone navigation device that is purchased separately and installed on the windshield or dashboard. The term “car navigator” is usually understood as the mobile navigation system.

As a car navigator, a laptop computer, a smartphone and even ordinary mobile phone models can be used if appropriate navigation programs are installed in them.

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