7 ottobre 2017

Tablets for kids: benefits

tablet for kids
If you form theses the most important thing, then the tablet can be useful to the child for:
⦁ Games. This is the most popular activity among children, especially the screen at the tablet is more than on the phone and it’s more convenient to play. By games is meant not only entertaining, but also teaching – to a foreign language, logical tasks, teaching musical literacy, etc.;
⦁ Video preview. Some movies or videos from youtube;
⦁ Reading. Of course, it’s better to read on the tablet than on the phone, but, nevertheless, a long time with this device, can be very detrimental to the visual acuity;
⦁ Surfing on the Internet. In our version, this “hang” in the social network Vkontakte, as most often the Internet for children is limited to only one site.
At what age can I use the tablet?

The question is very subjective and it’s not up to us to persuade someone. Look at this site to find top rated kids tablets rigth now. In fact now it is possible to meet young mums which already in a year leave children with tablets for some hours, so to say instead of the nurse. Any doctor will say that such behavior of parents can be very detrimental to the health of the child.

In any case, you need to find the golden mean, there is nothing wrong with the child playing a half an hour in some game, and maybe even in entertaining applications “poked”. Years to 5, the tablet to buy a child is probably not worth it, because it will not be able to evaluate all its possibilities, and at that age it is necessary to learn the real world, not virtual. But at an older age, the tablet can already come in handy.

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