7 novembre 2017

Characteristics of pc speakers

pc speakers
If you need small modern speakers for a computer or other player, for example, an Mp3 player – enough power will be 10-15 watts. If you require medium speakers in a standard room – the recommended total power is 40 watts. Well, for a powerful speaker system in the living room or gaming sound system, you can start with a power of 80-100 watts.

The speaker sensitivity is a parameter that directly affects the possible loudness of the sound. Sensitivity is measured in decibels and indicates how much sound pressure (how many decibels) a column can produce at a distance of 1 meter at a power of 1 Watt. All you need to know about best pc speakers under 50 – read here.

If you take two speakers with exactly the same power, but different sensitivity, then a louder sound will be given by one – which has a higher sensitivity.
Almost all of the speakers designed for consumer use have a sensitivity of 84 to 120 decibels. A sensitivity of 85-89 decibels is considered good.

As you know, sound is a wave, and each wave has its own oscillation frequency, which is measured in Hertz. We can hear sound waves with a frequency of 16-20 to 20,000 Hertz. It is logical that manufacturers of acoustic systems are guided precisely by these audio frequencies. The wider the frequency range of the speakers – the more a wide range of sounds can be heard through them.

The speakers are mainly made of plastic or wood (MDF). Columns with a plastic casing are distinguished by a lower valuable and diverse design. However, wooden speakers have a higher sound quality.

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