7 maggio 2017

All you should know about projectors

different projectors
Any projector can be used, as a rule, only in combination with an external source of information.

In some models, however, it is possible to connect a USB flash drive with which you can show photos or video content. You can find best projector under 200 right here now. Some projectors are equipped with card readers, which allow you to display photos and presentations from memory cards. Such features are the distinguishing features of a particular model, and they are necessarily listed in the list of the main characteristics of the projector. Recently, there have appeared models of projectors with built-in DVD-players, some of which are also equipped with built-in acoustic surround systems. Such combines act as integrated systems for an entry-level home cinema.

As for projectors oriented to business applications, among them there are more and more models that allow connection via Ethernet. Such projectors can receive content on the local network for display on the screen. In addition, more and more perfect become wireless models of multimedia projectors. They allow a WiFi connection with a laptop (computer), which is convenient for conducting wireless presentations. Some models of multimedia projectors can be connected simultaneously with several laptops via WiFi, and the quality of such connections allows you to come close to not only transmitting “by air” static images and animation effects Power Point, but also streaming video.

Especially it is necessary to allocate sources of video signals of high definition (BluRay and HD – telecasting). Projectors that are capable of processing and displaying HD signals are classified as “HD-ready”. The same ones that have the resolution of the matrix 1920×1080 are full-fledged “Full HD” projectors, displaying signals of 1080i and 1080p formats “point-to-point”.

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